Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Safety Tips from Raj Safe Driving School

Stay awake by talking to a passenger.

Once you've mastered the fundamentals of safe night driving, the experience can actually be a fun, relaxing one, especially if you make the most of entertaining opportunities that also help you drive safely. For instance, if you have a passenger in the car with you while you're driving at night, you may want to partially engage yourself in a light conversation with him or her. Talking to other people is a great way to stave off driving fatigue, and the calm, pitch-black surroundings can often encourage surprisingly intimate conversations. 

Listen to night-driving tunes. 

Driving at night can be a fantastic time to listen to your favorite music on your car's stereo. The relative quiet and calm of night driving makes it easier to hear a song's minor details, making good music especially enjoyable. Some people prefer to listen to slick disco or electronica cuts at night, while others appreciate the thrill of hard rock tracks. There's no "right" type of music to listen to at night — it's up to you! Below are just a few great night driving tracks from several different genres (there are many, many more): 

Visit late-night attractions. 

Driving at night can sometimes be a way to come into contact with people and things that you wouldn't otherwise see! For instance, most major city centers truly "come to life" at night and bustle with unique characters enjoying the night life. Even rural areas can have their share of unique late-night "flavor". Every stretch of road is different, so keep your eyes peeled for attractions as you drive — if you're taking lots of breaks to fight night-driving fatigue, you should have ample opportunities to stop. Below are just a few things you may want to look out for: 

Enjoy the calm (responsibly). 

Driving at night can be an experience like no other. With the calm, steady hum of the engine and the darkness of your surroundings, driving can be almost like flying through space. Driving at night feels mysterious, fun, and even exciting — for some people, it's one of life's simplest yet most addictive joys. It's perfectly fine to enjoy a good night drive, but don't forget to focus on what's most important of all — your safety and the safety of other drivers. Always remember that getting distracted while driving can be deadly (especially at night), so keep your attention on the road. If you're confident in your safe driving habits, you'll be able to responsibly relax, tune in, and enjoy your ride! tips
Put your rear view mirror in its "flipped down" or "night" mode to reduce rear headlight glare.
Check all your vehicle's lights periodically, especially if upcoming winter months mean that you will be doing more driving after dark. To make the process easier, you can take turns with a friend operating the lights and watching to see that they all come on, or you can watch your own reflection in the windows of a glass-fronted building.
Block out distractions while driving, but don't focus solely on the road. Doing so may put you in a state of hypnosis and you may even mentally "blank" for a moment. Keep your eyes moving around the car and landscape.


1.      Always wear a seatbelt and encourage your passengers to do the same.
2.      Do not drive drunk.
3.      Do not drive when you are tired. In some countries, driving while unnecessarily sleepy counts as impaired driving. Regardless of the law, it's dangerous.
4.      Don't believe the urban legend that sunglasses with yellow or bright orange tinted lenses help you see better at night. Wearing them at night may make objects seem brighter


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