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Driving school

1.    Putting on makeup

Refers to those who reapply makeup while the vehicle is in motion & this will create an obvious distraction and ultimately a crash so take the time while at home and apply your makeup or wait until you get to work.

2.    Reading

Do not read directions from a map, a GPS or written directions while driving since driving takes full concentration so pullover the vehicle to read such things.

3.    Eating

We often need two hands to eat our food so sometimes it is difficult to steer while driving & eating and it is safer to take your time and eat a proper meal while sitting at the table.

4.    Reaching into the Backseat

While driving trying to reach into the backseat to find something like purse, phone or a snack takes longer than a couple of seconds and will definitely make your vehicle wander as you twist your body around in your seat so wait until you can pull over to get what you need.

5.    Sneezing
If someone sneezes 10times or more at a time while driving often need to pull over to sneeze, mainly because our eyes close while sneezing.

6.    Rolling down the crank window

If your vehicle is made with crank windows instead of power windows it’s important to never lean across the front seat to roll down the crank window to ensure you won’t crash into someone or something while driving and wait until you can safely pull over and do it.

7.    Undressing

Due to weather changes in a day we need to take off a jacket or sweater while driving to pull their sweater over their head and when our vehicle is in motion is never a good thing to do that instead to crash into someone or something and wait until you can pull over before you can do it.

8.    Be Prepared

Have  important things you need to keep in your vehicle and it is essential that you always carry the right tools for changing flat tires and jump starting dead batteries.

Top 10 Tips for passing your Road Test

1.    Get training and lots of practice
2.    Before you start the car
3.    Always obey posted speed limits
4.    Use your parking brake
5.    Stopping at stop signs
6.    Using your turn signals
7.    Making turns
8.    Parallel parking
9.    Change lanes
10.    Drive defensive
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